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If you've ever received a benefit from an insurance policy, you know how important it is to income and wealth protection –– and peace of mind. But there are dozens of insurance companies and hundreds of different kinds of policies. How do you know which one best meets your needs and your budget?

Ask us! We have been matching clients with the protection they need since 2005.  What sets us apart from other agencies is that we don’t just represent one company or one portfolio of products. We have access to all the insurance products available, which enables us to tailor make life, health, disability, supplemental and long-term-care coverage as well as Medicare advantage plans to fit the needs of you, your business or both.  

You’ve probably heard about the emergency procedure CPR. At Future Funding Unlimited, we perform our own kind of CPR. We Customize and Personalize every policy to your requirements. Plus, we are highly Responsive. In fact, we typically respond in one business day or less. Our clients often remark that our CPR has an additional meaning to them.  They tell us we are also Courteous, Professional and Reliable.  We believe we are both.

We encourage you to contact us, and find out what a lifesaver our CPR can be.

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Our CPR Service

Customized • Personalized • Responsive

Gather Information • Create Multiple Illustrations • Needs Analysis

Personal Interviews • Personal Selection Assistance • Personal Client Education

Service after the Sale • Involved with Claims