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Our service is Customized, Personalized and Responsive. That is what makes a difference for anybody, individual or business owner.

This site is about the services we provide to businesses and individuals. Insurance services from life insurance, disability insurance both long term and short term. Long term care, group health insurance both small and large, individual health, medicare supplement and advice on Medicare Advantage Plans.

What makes us different is my approach to this business. I was a business man for 30 plus years. Through out my carrer I purchased these products for my business. About 7 years ago I decided to proceed to the other side and provide these products to business owners and individuals.

We’re in the protection business. We protect families through life insurance. We protect income through disability insurance and we take care of clients through long term care insurance. It truly is a matter of protection and security. Our CPR service being Customized, Personalized and Responsive is what makes a difference for anybody, individual or business owner.

Our area of specialty is the small business which might be up to 100 plus people. We speak their language, we know their needs, we know their problems and we are able to do things they don't have time to do themselves that they need done.

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Our CPR Service

Customized • Personalized • Responsive

Gather Information • Create Multiple Illustrations • Needs Analysis

Personal Interviews • Personal Selection Assistance • Personal Client Education

Service after the Sale • Involved with Claims