Life Insurance

Life insurance is the most basic form of insurance protection. It protects you, your family, your business and much more. The first question you need to ask is this: If something happens to me today, what type of future do I want my family or business to have? Is it the same future that they would have if you were still here? If it isn’t, then life insurance is the way to make that happen.

There are two types of life insurance — permanent and term life. These categories can be expanded upon but are best discussed in person during a confidential needs analysis. The type you need depends on you, your situation and your value system. No two individuals or businesses are alike. That is why we do a confidential in-depth analysis of your needs and your financial situation. Once this analysis is complete, we can then Customize and Personalize a program to your specific situation. Plus, we are highly Responsive to your needs.

The many uses of Life insurance.

Life insurance can be structured to provide you a deferred income. A policy can be designed as a Supplemental Executive Retirement Program (SERP). You can use life insurance for educational funding. Business uses of life insurance include policies used in executive bonus programs. Key person coverage in a business situation is an important use of life insurance. Business continuation is another common use of life insurance.

Another area of life insurance protection is the guaranteed issue group life market for businesses. Employees highly value this benefit for any number of reasons. Some appreciate the security it gives their family; others who won’t qualify for individual life insurance due to a health issue appreciate it because it may be the only life insurance they can get.

It all comes back to protection. We tell people that we are in the protection business. We protect your family and your business so that they can live on.

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“I was border line uninsurable but my agent at Future Funding Unlimited made it happen and I now have Life Insurance!”
~ M.M. Architect

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“My agent at Future Funding Unlimited was able to find a better life insurance policy for me than any of the policies my previous agent was able find.”
~ J.K. Contractor

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“I have a life insurance policy that meets my needs because of the in depth analysis that my agent from Future Funding performed.”
~ S.C. Banker

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